SCDD Co., Ltd. “JeongDam Seaweed” Wins the Best Brand Award by 2020 Korea National Food Cluster Food Market
SCDD Co., Ltd. “JeongDam Seaweed” Wins the Best Brand Award by 2020 Korea National Food Cluster Food Market
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On March 22, Korea National Food Cluster (Chairman Kim Young Jae) announced that “JeongDam Seaweed” of SCDD Co., Ltd. (CEO Byeongsoo Kang) has been selected as the best brand of the year 2020 among the sellers in registered National Food Cluster Food Market.

National Food Cluster Food Market is an online and offline store that displays, promotes, and sells products of food companies affiliated with Korea National Food Cluster. 343 products from 63 companies have been registered for sale in this market

Among the companies registered, Korean National Food Cluster assessed the top 10 companies from last year in terms of performance. It selected grand prize winner as well as excellence prize winner based on sales, business participation rate, growth outlook and other factors as criteria. For this year’s best brand, SCDD Co., Ltd. was selected. The company produces and distributes JeongDam premium(GOBCHANG) roasted seaweed, JeongDam roasted seaweed (for Gimbab), Jeong Dam sliced roasted seaweed, Kokiri double roll, Kokiri seaweed snack, etc. 

Additional support has been rewarded to the best brand to help increase the brand value and sales performance via live commerce.

Founded in 2011, SCDD Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in Korean seaweed. It moved into the Korea National Food Cluster complex located in Jeonbuk (Iksan) in 2018. To achieve its mission of ”putting sincerity and devotion into taste,” SCDD Co., Ltd has made its brand ”JeongDam Seaweed” certified with HACCP, ISO22000, FSSC22000, USDA ORGANIC etc. Leveraging the persevering nature of Koreans, and taking great pride in Korean seaweed, and making endless efforts, SCDD achieved exports of $10 million (2016) in 5 years since its establishment. Now (2021), SCDD products are exported to countries around the world, including Thailand, Russia, and Vietnam. According to CEO Byeongsoo Kang, SCDD is pioneering a new food market to keep up with a new era by developing products of various kinds for the promotion of Korean seaweed in the global market.

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